My New Year resolutions for 2016


Hello! This is my first post in English. So, I decided that my blog will be in 2 languages: Russian (my native language) and English. I know that there is a "translate" button in my blog. But, you know, google translate is good in translating words, but not in translating big texts. If you like it or you want to translate into another language you can use this button. (If I have got some grammar mistakes, I'm reaaaaaally very sorry)
So, I need to admit, that I'm that type of person, who plans a lot and does just a little part of plans. But when I write a list, everything becomes different: I feel more responsibility and there are more chances that I would make something from my list.
I have never written New Year resolutions. But I realised, that I have too much goals and I don't actually do anything to achieve them. And this is how this post started. It would very pleasant even if you make just one thing from this list, am I right?:)
P.S. I know it's too late for New Year resolutions. But better later than never.

            My New Year resolutions for 2016

cute picture, because it looks nice here

1. Write in my blog more often

It is only the second post in my blog. It is just the beginning. I need put so much effort in this blog because I don't want it to flop. I usually don't do everything until the end. I don't have enough perseverance. But the blog should be exclusion.

2. Find perfect design for this blog

Well, I think I don't have to explain. I want to find perfect design for my blog. 

3. Start learning Spanish 

Firstly, with a help of teach-yourself books. Maybe later i'll start attending courses.

4. Practise my German skills

Maybe download some apps, learn more and do tests

5. Don't be distracted by phone during doing my homework

YES! I make an individual item in my list for this. I really lose a lot of time because of this.

6. Start going to bed earlier

I'm an owl, night person. But the world is made for morning people and I need to learn how to survive. At least don't go to bed on that day, when I need to wake up. At least on weekdays.

7. Improve my "taking photos"skills

Photos are inseparable part of blogging. And it depends a lot from photos. And that is why I want to improve my skills.

8.  Make something in my "Wreck this journal" and similar books more often

I have a lot of such books. But I haven't done a lot in them. And again we are going back to that fact, that I  haven't enough perseverance

9. Visit a country, which I haven't visited before

I really love travelling. And I hope that I would refill the list of countries, which I have visited.

10. Worry less

These are not all the goals I want to achieve. But these ones are running in my head more often.
What are your resolutions for this year? What can you advise me to achieve my goals? Write in the comments and subscribe to my blog. It would be SO nice if you do this.

I am OK

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