"IMAGINE DRAGONS" concert 26.01.2016



Three (at the moment I wrote the original text) days passed since their concert, but I’m still full of emotions. But trust me, if I wrote this blog on 26 January, or 27, or even 28, there would be much more emotions.  I couldn’t speak about something another during these days. And I want to share with you what makes me go out of my everyday life (Actually I don’t know how to translate here without losing the meaning.  So I hope everything is ok here)

Let’s begin with telling you that it is one of my THE MOST favorite band (there are just favorite bands, there are just bands which songs I like. There is a difference between them), it’s rather big factor, isn’t it? Next it is my very first concert. Don’t think that I always sit at home and never see the world!   I mean that me and two my best friends just went to big Ice Palace (the concert was there), just found our places, just sat there, just were responsible for everything ourselves. Sounds ridiculous, but it’s kinda not bad achievement for teens. Maybe it was the main reason why we didn’t go to fan-zone. It’s very comfortable: you don’t have to worry about how far you would be from scene. You don’t have to be in big stuffy crowd and you don’t have to come in a few hours before concert. But, to be honest, if next concert is in summer, I will think about going to fan-zone. Holidays, a lot of free time, warm weather etc.

I really looked forward to go to the concert! It was absolutely suddenly when tour dates were announced and Saint-Petersburg was in it. We (me and friends) at once decided that we would go there. My THE MOST favorite band doesn’t have concerts in my city too often, by the way.

my lovely ticket

Days were passing. Months were passing. We bought tickets and just waited. It seems that it was 120 days before concert (yes, I have a day-counter, but a lot of people have them too, right?) and suddenly we realised that it is the twenty sixth of January. I think I don’t have to tell you that I counted hours and minutes before concert.

Everything went like clockwork. We left, there were no traffic jams on the street (it was a big surprise because it was a rush hour). We got to the Ice Palace in time, the concert began at 20:00, Imagine Dragons appeared on the scene at 21:00.
And that moment, when the music started, I can’t believe my eyes! To be honest, I still don’t believe it. Imagine a person, who listened to a band during really long time and finally met them! THAT’S INCREDIBLE!

They started to sing. The concert began from “Shots”. I can’t say I was a big fan of this song. But now I like it so much. I always thought that live performance is worse than the recording. Here is just the opposite.

The emotions you feel in the hall are perfect. There is such an atmosphere. The communication between the band and people, Dan trying to speak Russian (It’s a really hard to translate. You will understand why it was funny only if you know Russian, I suppose. Just trust me-it was sooooo funny). It’s so cool. Also there was a moment, then me & my friend waved a paper heart (see the photo) and Dan looked at our sector and told something like “We love you Saint-Petersburg”. The coincidence or not, I don’t know. But it was very cute and we were pleased.

There wasn’t a song which a lot of people including me like. I mean “Dream”. That is why we decided to ask for the band to sing it. And you know what? We did it. But it was very suddenly. And, as I am a very big lover of this song, I couldn’t even turn on my camera normally! They sing the full song, which was not in every city, where they sing “Dream”.

I need to sum up:  my first “independent” concert, the concert of my THE MOST favorite band was delightful. I still full of emotions after a few days. The songs were so cool, I still watch videos. Everything was perfect. The smile wasn't leaving my face during the concert. Now I need to wait for a new album, announcement of tour dates, and start to count months, days, and hours again…but believe me, it definitely worth it.

And now, I’m going back to my roots ( I mean routine, but look how cool I add the line of the song :D)

P.S. Write me in comments about  your THE MOST favourite band. Have you met them?

I am OK

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