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So, I want to explain you the meaning of this blogpost.  Every day we learn something new, but we don’t always remember it. But what if we start to write what you learn during the day? Especially if it was a hard day for you? This is what I decided to do. 
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Why did I think that it was a hard week for me? Because we had a break in school, and you know, the first days of school after the rest are always hard. You can't just start to work as usual.

The surviving rule: don’t leave everything till the last moment.
My week starts on Tuesday. Yes, Tuesday. It was the first day of school. That is why I almost have put everything in my backpack for Monday.
The day was weird: I expected calm day without any tests or something like that, I thought that we would just have normal day to return to school life. Everything was opposite. Two laboratory works on chemistry and physics lessons, geography test. I was afraid to go to school, but  it was ok, I suppose.
Happily I went home. I didn’t have any extra lessons so I decided to have a nap, because I didn’t think that we would have a lot of homework after the first day. Ladies and gentlemen, it was a huge mistake.  We had TOO MUCH homework, we never had so much homework. I realized this too late and did my homework till night. It will be a very hard day tomorrow. Not the best start of the week.

The surviving rule: don’t worry. Stay calm in every situation.
More than half of what I was prepared yesterday, more than half of everything, which is why I was tired yesterday, more than half of why I was a little bit, but nervous , didn’t happened. We did not write a test to which I was prepared yesterday. It was rather good, but I was very tired yesterday because of that. The only thing I have to participate in the competition next week, which I did not expect (spoiler from next week- everything was fine). The day passed easily, so it’s very good J

The surviving rule: think about the consequences.
 Everything went fine. I used the rule of the previous day, and everything was fine.I get A on control test (actually we have 5 instead of A), and in general everything was good, except ... Okay, what is the probability of expulsion from school for a “random” mass skipping from last lesson, because there wasn’t a teacher in school that day,and  she had to be substituted, and another teacher didn’t come for a long time so we decided to go home?? No, it turns out, that she came. Couple of my classmates were there or they returned to the classroom but it was too late for me and my friends to return. And now I’m a little bit scared. I didn’t particularly worry about such situations, but not right now.

The surviving rule: everything will be fine, be sure.
Wow, I seriously thought what to write in today’s surviving rule, and so it speaks for itself. Everything was really good. It was good at school, no one knew about us skipping the lesson, it was good on my extra lessons. I like very much these days.

The surviving rule: 1) people learn from mistakes, so don’t afraid to make mistakes. 2) fight with your fears.
I have been horse riding for six months. And today, I fell from the horse for the first time. So instead of trotting horse I rode at a gallop, and I can’t ride like this. I could not stop horse, there were no stirrups. I panicked, did not know what to do. To make horse stop- I can’t. To fall intentionally -I'm afraid. So I have decided to hang on horse. We weren’t able to ride like this for a long time so I have fallen. I do not remember falling completely, everything was in such a light spray (you know, it was all too sudden), so I was lying on the arena and just looked at the occurring situation. I was asked how I felt, but I did not hear. Fortunately, I didn’t injured myself. That's good.
 I sat back on the horse, and in the hope that I won’t go trotting, just rode. And then couch told me to go trotting. I'M SCARED. I THOUGHT I WOULDN’T DO IT AGAIN TODAY.  I did not want. I'm afraid.
 But I decided to try. You should fight with fears, the earlier- the better. And ... everything was fine. We went trotting just for a bit, but everything was quiet. And it is a victory over fear.

The surviving rule: practice. Without regular practice you won’t achieve anything. 
Well, there won’t be such an inspirational text. I just have practiced photography in the morning, tried different modes, switched something and compared. Basically, I start to understand a little bit more in photography.Of course I’m so far to the ideal photos, but practice is always a good idea. In general, the whole day was good, we had guests, and then I went to a friend’s house to make a presentation for the lesson.

The surviving rule: go for a walk more. Communicate with your friends more. Do not forget about it, even on weekdays.
After a day in school, my friends and I came back as usual home. But then we thought: it is good weather, each of us don’t have much to do, so why not to go for a walk? It was snowing, so we threw our bags and backpacks, and simply went to play snowballs, roll in the snow, try to make a snowman. It was so fun. This spontaneous decision was definitely the best decision of the day. Because in the bustle of our life we forget about ordinary things, like to hang out with your friends.

 Tadaaaam, that's how I spent my week :) It was an  interesting one.  I think so just because it is coincidence or because I wrote down some stuff during the day and tried to make some basic idea of the day. I do not know. But I will definitely repeat " a week with I AM OK" later. 

How it did you spend your week? Do you write the little things during day and then analyzed? Write comments and subscribe to my blog via email, bloglovin or google account. Links are in the blog. I will be very pleased

lots of love,
I am OK :)

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