My current favourites ♥ ( February-March 2016)


I haven't written in my blog for a long time. I'm really sorry. Anyway, here is a blogpost and I quite like it.
I like reading such types of posts and watching such videos. That is why I decided to make something similar. A little bit late( or early)  for my-*the name of month*-favourites , so this is the reason why I decided to talk about my current favourites.

Let's start x

Sherlock ( TV series)

I had a very long road trip in January and these tv series helped me to pass the time. i didn't regret that I choose Sherlock- it's amazing. The plot is so unpredictable, that I put it on pause after every epic moment and just tried to realise " HOW?"
If you still doubt to watch it or not, I'll tell you that you should watch it. It's definitely worth it.
just a photo that I took during watching it 

 Neko Atsume

This game is probably one of the cutest games on my phone ever. There are LOTS OF NICE CATS!
No responsibility: the cats won't die if you didn't feed them for weeks ( like in some such games), they just won't come. You fill a bowl-they will come back.
There are many cute things for cats and they play with them. You can buy a home extension and some remodels. 

Zoella beauty hand cream "Wonder Hand" 

Smooth ( lies) transition to material favourites.
Hands become dry because of cold weather in winter. I didn't used to use hand cream. But I ordered this one for my mum( she loves hand creams so much)  and start to use it too. The smell is pleasant and hands are super soft right now.

Lip Smacker lip balm "Cotton candy"

Look at the photo above. There is my current favourite lip balm next to cream. I have got a big collection of lip balms( I am going to write about them soon). But I really love Cotton Candy right now. The smell is sweet, lips are much softer and don't become weather-beaten.

Lush sugar lip scrub "Bubblegum"

Speaking about lips, this thing literally was my life-saver this winter. I didn't use lip scrub until recently and I regret about not using it before. My lips become weather-beaten very fast, this is a reason of my big lip balm collection. But I sometimes I just forgot to use them and my lips become dry. And if I want to get a rid of unpleasant "dead" pieces of lips, I use this scrub. The smell reminds me the smell of Lush's shower gel " snow fairy".
So, this is a irreplaceable thing on my bath shelf.

Body Shop shower gel "Glazed Apple "

This gel remindes me pleasant new year and christmas days and I use it till nowadays. The aroma is like a sweet apple for me, not a glazed apple( big difference, yeah). I think there is no meaning to write about why I love this gel, they are all similar for me and the most important role in my choice play the smell. And if you choose it, you won't lose. 

So, these are my current favourites. I really like them and that is why I shared with you. Are there any your favourites?  Write me comments, I am waiting for them ♥.  Sorry that I don't write blogs often, I'm going to write much more, promise.
Thank you,

I am OK

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  1. I love the lush lip scrub, i use it all the time. I have the mint choc one. I just want to eat it! :)

    Elaine - Some Of My Favourite Things

    1. Their scrubs are really great :) And all "lush" things smell soooo nice, so I can understand your wish :D