A walk in the forest with a dog called Leo


! Hello! I haven't write for a long time and I'm extremely sorry for that. Everything for post was ready but I couldn't find any time to upload ( and translate) it. Sometimes I had too many homework or sometimes just had a really long nap in daytime :) Anyway I did. I uploaded. Well done Oksana.

So I went to go for a walk in the forest which is located near my house with my friend and her the cutest dog called Leo. This dog is really cool. Very cool.

This walk was nice. So good to have an opportunity to spend two or something hours in the fresh air with a good company. We went to the small alley, a field and a lake( no photos near the lake sorryyyyyy)

Also, I really enjoy taking photos right now. And I think that the best way to improve your skills is practice and I decided that " yeah, that's my chance to practise a little bit". I didn't take pictures of nature, I took pictures of italian greyhound, and Leo was like a real model ( thanks).

And I really want to share with you some of these photos, because I found them quite nice :)

So here we go, photos of my walk in the forest with a dog called Leo

my cute model :з

i love this photo♥

and this one♥

everything is fine, just a dog upside down

there were too many people on this alley, so this photos was made in rare one second without people 

sad italian greyhound

it was too cold for him at the end of the walk, so my friend took him in her coat to get warm. it was too cute

Write me in the comments which photo do you like most. This is very important for me♥

I am OK

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4 коммент.

  1. As they say, practice makes perfect ;) I love the lighting you captured in these photos! Leo is quite the model :)


    1. Oh thank you so much!💜 I really appreciate that you loved them :) Taking photos of Leo was such a pleasure, he is so funny :D

  2. Omg he's SOOO cute! I can't deal <3