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Hellooo again. So today I want to share with you my collection of interesting notebooks, diaries, non-fiction, I mean ( be ready to see a lot of unedited photos of books lying on favourite carpet which looks like a lawn) ( it is really cool) ( maybe I will change photos later) ( but the carpet will be on that photos too) ( why do I like to write in brackets) (more brackets) (brackets forever)
Let's get started

Check out my collection. Give me freedom and endless amount of money and this collection will be much bigger. But I'm proud of this one too.
Most of the books are in  Russian, but there are English versions too.

Johanna Basford "Enchanted Forest.An Inky Quest & Coloring Book"

I saw this book in English in August, and that time the Russian edition was being translated. So when
it was published, I bought it. Because I think there is no difference in language in coloring book, but the price really differed. I read that paper is a little bit another, but mine is good too.
And what about coloring book itself? It is amazing. The patterns(or pictures, I don't know) are soooo beautiful, that coloring them is such pleasure.
really love this pages

Johanna has another coloring books and when I finish this book, I will buy another. Keyword-finish. Because there are a lot of pages and I have a lot of books...Anyway, I love "Enchanted forest" so so much♥♥
I use this felt pens to color. The result looks bright.

Empty but very beautiful page

Actually, I didn't find English version of next book...only in German. And the name of this book is a little bit different from Russian. So, I will use original name, in German. Yeah.

Doro Ottermann " Tagesbuch-für gute und schlechte Tage"/ "Diary-for good and bad days"

It was a gift from me to me on birthday :D. If you write in this interesting diary every day, you will use it for nearly 4 months. Trust me. So what makes it different and original from ordinary diaries? Look. 

Firstly, you have to discribe your current feelings using this adjectives( well, you will understand nothing on photos, if you don't know Russian,so  there are adjectives like "meditative", "restless" and many others)

Secondly, you have to draw :) (super translation from me: this is me on succesful wave)

Thirdly, you have to answer questions and finish sentences. Super translation: today i did nothing, just sat in school during three lessons( it was saturday, so yeah). And this I did with bigger pleasure: have a nap in the afternoon. I just lay  down and fell asleep. Thinking: should I have a bath with Lush bomb
(What an interesting day, WOW!!!)

Alfie Deyes " Pointless book 2"

As far as I know, you can't buy them in ordinary bookshops in Russia, so that is why when I went to bookshop with plently books in English and found this pointless book 2, I decided to buy it. 
What do you have to do in this book? The activities in it are more intertaining, in contrast to Wreck this journal, which has more creative activities. You have to write, note and you'll need a friend's help in some tasks.
I didn't filled it very much right now, but i will fill it soon too :)

And now we are going tooooo the TITAAAAAN of books of this genre

Keri Smith " Wreck this journal"

My super book became one years old recently, but only now I started filling it actively. 
I think many of you know what to do in wreck this journal. There is a task on page and you do it creatively and interesting. 
love it

"do something sudden and wrecking with this journal"

I would like to show you more pages, but I'm planning to upload how I filled this or another page. From different books, something like "Creative blogposts", we will be able to discuss them, that would be soooo nice.....But now we are talking not about that.
"Wreck this journal" is a real classic. And if you want to buy non-fiction books, buy this one first.

Keri Smith "Non-planner datebook" 

Recently I bought another book from the author of wreck this journal ( somebody pls stop me, I even haven't finished any page!).
In a very cool style, you have to how did you spend a day, or a week, or a month. I definitely will  make a review to non-planner datebook later.
In any case, it is very interesting and definitely worth your attention, that is why I added it in this list too.
"what you have done today" page
a page where you can describe moments from life

By the way, what do you think about "Creative blogposts"? Would you like to have my review to eachof these books? Looking forward to read your opinion, and also I would like to hear about your favourite non-fiction books.

I am OK :)

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  1. Love your blog! Really want to have the pointless book. :) Isabella xx

    1. Thank you so much, so nice to hear that xx
      Pointless book is really very interesting, hope you'll get it soon :)

  2. Great post dear ! Enchanted forest looks nice. I would lov to see some reviews on these books :) great post dear ! x

    1. Thank you❤️❤️❤️ This means so much to me :) I'm so glad that you like it xx