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Heeeeelloooooo everybody! I have returned from my very big road trip, but there are still many things to do. This trip was really good, so I can't wait to write about it. June was such a great month. I'll miss it.
By the way my birthday was recently and I spent it in another city which we visited on that trip and it was very cool! I was afraid a little bit but everything was fine♥
And I finally can translate last blogpost which I wrote 2 weeks ago. I thought I would translate it the same day but it was the day before trip and i had no time. It makes me feel irresponsible.

 I love listening music. When I write in blog I put my headphones on and listen to different songs.  But I have noticed that these songs are a little bit another from songs I listen ordinary. I listen to music, which helps me to concentrate my mind, without loud chorus and I listen quite calm songs.

I often listen to different playlists for work to add new music on my phone. And suddenly the idea came in my head: maybe I should try and make my own playlist? Cause when you need to listen to music but it shouldn’t interrupt thoughts, this playlist will be useful. So this is the theme of this post.  I think I’m not alone and many people like to listen to something during work, writing blogposts, during doing homework, during reading(I don’t like though, but many of my friends do) or when you just need to think something out. So let's start.

I decided to make something like rubrics, to make it look more comfortable. 

My favoutite songs from Coldplay for this playlist

  •  Don't Panic
  • Viva la Vida
  • Up&up

I think that each of Coldplay’s song will be perfect for this playlist. Every song. Seriously. Sometimes I just turn their album on when I write. But I decided that each rubric will have 3 songs, and I choose these ones.

My favourite songs from Imagine Dragons for this playlist

  • I was me
  • Dream 
  • Polaroid
I adore Imagine Dragons so much but I don’t know why but I can’t listen to teach of their song during writing. So these three songs can help me to concentrate my mind.

My favourite songs from OneRepublic for this playlist

  • Lullaby
  • All Fall Down
  • I lived

  I like OneRepublic. The second song was my favourite few months ago and I listened to it every day, almost every free minute. OneRepublic has different songs for every type of your mood and it’s great. That is why they are in my playlist.

My favourite songs from Arctic Monkeys for this playlist

  • 505
  • Do I Wanna know?
  • Knee Socks
I listen( I’m tired of this word. Are there any another versions how to say it in English?) to Arctic Monkeys only when I write in my blog. I don’t listen to them in ordinary life. I don’t know why. Are there some bands which you listen only when you work? Write in the comments.

My favourite songs from different bands for this playlist

  • Fool's Garden "Lemon Tree"
  • Vance Joy "Riptide"
  • Red "Hymn for the Missing"
I found these songs in another playlists. They are totally different: one is really funny, another is quite sad. But you can’t listen to just one style of music so your playlist is various and matches to your mood, even if it is a playlist for work.

My favourite music for this playlist
  • Lowercase Noises "Silence of Siberia"
  • Lowercase Noises "Beauty in the Wreck"
  • Lowercase Noises "It Reminded Me of a Very Old Place"
If you need to concentrate your mind, think out, or just music, not songs, then try to listen Lowercase Noises. I found out them literally a couple of weeks( in original blog post “days” ) and I really enjoy their music.

Sooo, it was my playlist for work right now. If you are interested, I could make a playlist for summer or just a playlist with my favourite songs, because they are different from these songs.
I have so many ideas for blog and I’m so excited. I can’t wait to write more.
By the way there are 200(!!!) readers on my blog in bloglovin and I wanna say THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH! Thanks for all your support, lovely comments, and thank you that you read my blog.  It means a world to me. Love you lots♥♥♥

I am OK

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  1. Awh we all love you too!
    Happy (late) birthday and I love the song knee socks by arctic monkeys!
    Aleeha xXx

  2. Great playlist! :)

  3. Wow, I just stopped here by and when I read the first post that I saw, I knew that I'd love this blog page!
    Monika -