My summer morning routine


Hello everybody, so today I’m going to share with you my summer morning routine. I really enjoy watching such videos on youtube and reading such blogposts so I decided why not to try and write on same topic in my own blog?

Considering that “my morning routine” blogposts can be two types: school morning routine and summer/holiday morning routine, I can only write about second one, because my school morning routine is more like “how to wake up and  get ready if you have got only a half of an hour before school  starts” nothing interesting, to be honest. It’s totally another thing in summer, I have got more free time and I think it will be better than “ wake up-have breakfast very fast-brush my teeth-put school uniform on-run because you have got only 5 minutes left” .

So let's start :)

(Super-duper disclaimer- this is a collective( and average but the same time) image of my morning, every day is different and of course everybody has that days that the only thing you want is to stay in your bed, so please don’t think that I have got every morning like this :D)

I usually wake up at 10:30 am, but I’m waking up later and later during last few weeks. The first thing I do is checking my social media (follow me on bloglovin HERE and on twitter, my username is @iamok26)  

After that I go and wash my face. I use "La Roche Posay Effaclar Purifying Foaming Gel for Oily and Sensitive Skin" because my skin is problematic and this gel is quite good.

Then I go to the kitchen to have my breakfast. I usually eat yogurt, or cereals or cottage cheese. Today I’m eating a yogurt with some candied fruit jelly because I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. Especially Haribo. I love them, really, if you want to make me happy just buy me candied fruit jelly. Oh well we are talking about my breakfast, yeah. After eating I drink tea, black tea with berries to be exact. Tea is my favourite drink, so everything is great.

Next I  brush my teeth. I belong to that type of humans, who brush their teeth after breakfast. But I don’t know when we should do that. Write in the comments when do you brush your teeth: before or after breakfast?

After that I do something in my non-fiction books, click HERE to see some of them, or I write in my blog( but I’m currently writing this in the evening but who cares) or I just watch TV series and film.

In an half of an hour I do some exercises, just for ten-fifteen minutes, but it’s better than nothing, or I just play on my xbox or exercise using my xbox because I have a couple of apps on it. Or I just read because I finally have a lot of time for reading.
Or I spend my time on different social medias again. 
 I go to horse stable twice a week so instead of everything I have written above, I can get ready to see horses.
so today I'm reading all the bright places

After that I call my friends and we are discussing where to meet and what are we going to do today so for the next 30 minutes I decide what to wear, make a hairstyle( it’s usually a ponytail :D),sometimes  I do  a little bit of makeup( just a bb cream on my face) but I’m trying to do that very rarely.

When I’m ready, me and my friends go for a walk, or go to the cinema or ride a scooter. So, we are trying to spend our summer as better as we can :)

I hope you enjoyed this blogpost, write in the comments  how do you spend your summer morning? And before "back to school" time starts write me in the comments which blogspot on summer theme do you want to read on my blog?

Hope you are having a great summer,

I am OK

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9 коммент.

  1. Awesome! I love these posts. Oh, and I definitely brush my teeth AFTER breakfast hehe :) Thanks for sharing.

    xxxx from Emily //

    1. Yaaaay, you are in my "brush teeth after breakfast" team :D thanks for reading my blogpost, I really appreciate that❤️

  2. I genuinely wish I could wake up at 10.30am! I'm always awake around 7. But I do love it to be fair, it means I have wonderfully long days ^_^

    Katie // Words by Katie

    1. I woke up at 11:00am today... oops!
      Aleeha xXx

    2. I wish I could wake up that early! But I read books until 2:00 am so it is impossible for me to wake up at 7:00 :D ( poor me when school starts)

  3. I brush my teeth before breakfast, I hate the horrible feeling of 'unnfreshness' in the morning!
    Aleeha xXx

    1. I brush my teeth before breakfast if I have somehow forgotten to brush them in the evening because I feel that unpleasant feeliing too

  4. Great post :) Loved reading this x Have a nice day ^^