Things to do in the summer :)


Congratulations, you have 1,5 month till September and the beginning of school year. You have a half of the summer to spend it great. But sometimes(always) when you are finally free from school( sorry people who work) you don’t know what to do. I decided to make a little list of things of what to do in the summer and I hope it’ll help you a little bit and make your summer more colourful and full of bright memories no matter is it rainy or sunny, with or without friends. Let’s start :)

1. Go for a walk. Seriously. The weather is so nice in summer and we should enjoy it. Walking is pleasant and useful. Or just download pokemon go and search for pokemons.

2. Explore your own city/ town. Visit some interesting parks and museums. Grab your camera and take photos of beautiful places.

3. Travel more. I don't say that you should travel to another country. I mean you can make a trip to nearby town.

4. Go to a festival.  No matter is it music festival or a food festival or even water battle. It will be fun in any case.

5.Have a picnic. Cook tasty snacks and have fun with your  friends on picnic.

6. Have a sleepover. Watch some films and play table games.

7. Find a new hobby. Remember things you couldn’t find free time for. What about starting learning foreign language?

8.Start new non-fiction book. I have written about my collection ( click HERE to check it out) maybe you’ll find out something for you there?

9. Cook summer snacks. Hand-made ice cream is very tasty and saves you from hot weather. And cooking is always interesting. Wanna see a blogpost with some summer snacks?

10. Make a general cleaning in your room. Clear out everything from your wardrobe and table. You can also arrange a permutation in the room. Actually I’m not a big fan of cleaning, but it is very useful.

11. Read more. You have got more free time, so why not to read that book you wanted to read for so long on rainy day?

12. Exercise more. What about running or just exercises to keep fit?

13. Repeat something from school. Noooo, I dont say that you should study during summer holidays. Summer is for the rest, but if you want to have higher grades, you can just take 5 minutes of your day for repeating  and you’ll see the result later.

14.  Ride a bike. I love cycling, but I do it quite rarely. But you can ride your bike during the whole day in summer. Healthy and interesting.

15. Go on a horse ride. It doesn’t mean start equitation, but communication with horses ( can I say like that?) is inexpressible feeling :)

Sooooo, I hope this list will help you enjoy summer. Maybe just for a little bit, but I will be happy. I hope you are already spending great time and you’ll spend another half of the summer even better. Write me in the comments your advices for cool summer  and just write how are you right now. I will be very happy to receive your comments :)
(p.s. I finally uploading blogpost in English the same day as blogpost in Russian, yaaay)

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  1. Love all the ideas! I do LOTS of those this summer and they are all great to do!

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  2. Great list. Thanks for sharing!
    Good vibes, FOX
    check out my latest VLOG and my blog

  3. This list is amazing! I am going to do many of those things before school starts :D