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Hello everybody.
I have just realised that it is already August. AUGUST. A.U.G.U.S.T. Time flies too fast, really.  But there is one positive thing(for me). I’m going on holiday, yaaaaay. I’m definitely summer person I love when it is sunny and hot ( but I live in a place with opposite climate) and that is why I’m extremely happy that I’m going to spend my holiday near the sea. I always prepare for it in advance ( apart from the fact that once I found out that I’m going on holiday a week before holiday itself)( and this time because my flight is tomorrow and we still haven’t packed our luggage yet) ( I should mention that I love brackets again) ( brackets ♥) My flight is not very long- just three hours but this list will help not to forget to take everything I’ll need during flight with me. And writing this list makes me feel more relaxed as much as reading blogposts on the same topic. And sometimes after reading such blogposts  I think like “hey, this thing is really useful during flight, I’ll take it with me next time”. So let’s start :)

For this flight I take this bag from H&M, which has a list of things on it, of course mine is another, but I agree, it is totally a “mess”.

The first I take is my passport and money for shopping in the airport. Too obvious but anyway :D

Talking about in-flight essentials, I take my book.  Reading is the main thing I do on the plane ( but sometimes I can fall asleep and miss this perfect opportunity to read the whole book). I usually take electronic book because it is not so big and I can download a lot of books but I’m currently reading all the bright places so I have to take it too.

After that I take my phone( obvious again) and headphones. I love these ones called frends layla ( yeah, frends not friends) and they have got a very useful bag which I take on plane too.

I take my tablet with me. I have already downloaded games that don’t need internet access and sometimes when I don’t want to read I can listen to music, play games and draw on my tablet.

The next thing is water ( too obvious again? Maybe) Which I’ll buy after passport control. If I won’t have a water with me, It means that I will want water during the whole travel. Maybe it is something in my mind, but when I have a bottle of water with me I feel calm and I don’t want to drink water.

The next thing is water. "Oksana but you have already written about water!" Yes, but this time i'm taking about another water. Thermal spring water, which i'll buy after passport control too. It is perfect for your skin especially because of dry air on the plane.

And I take these warm socks with me. Because it can be quite cold on the plane and this warm socks will warm me :3

What is the next thing I take with me? Lip balm. Hello to my permanently dry lips, which can’t live without lip balm.

And the last thing which I have to take on the plane. Travel pillow. If you know me in real life and you have a travelled with me by car, train or plane you know that I’m going to put my head on your shoulder. And everybody hates it. But it is comfortable for me. So I’m surrounded by bad people(  they are good, but they don’t allow me to put my head on their shoulders so that is why they are bad :D) and I that is why I take pillow with me :)

So, this is a small list of in-flight essentials. What do you usually take on the plane? Does making  or reading such lists make you feel more relaxed? Write me in the comments.
I hope you enjoyed this blogpost♥

p.s.  “back to school” time starts very soon, so prepare to read some posts on this theme and now I’m going to swim in the sea :)

I am OK

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