My stationery haul // back to school 2016


Heyyyy, I have  returned back from holiday so I have just one day till school. DAY.  Thinking about that fact that I haven’t done any homework I suppose it’s time to run and cry, yeah?

Me, and most of people who have to go to school or college or uni, don’t want to go there. And these “happy” faces on “back to school” ads make me feel a little bit nervous. But you can’t escape from this so the only one way to feel better is… to buy STATIONERY. Yes, I’m that type of person who loves cute stationery ( let’s forget that we will get bored of it within the first week of school). Notebooks, pencil cases, pens will be with us during the whole year so we need to buy good stationery.  I have already bought almost everything I need but almost, not everything. So I made an order in one shop and I think I’ll write another stationery haul later. YOU CAN’T HAVE ENOUGH STATIONERY AND STATIONERY HAULS, because I love watching other people’s stationery so so much. ( Let’s count how many times I said “stationery”  during this post).

Anyway, let's start :)

I’ll begin with copybooks and notebooks. Each of these has 48 sheets.

These two ones are my favourite. Especially that one which says " I look better in jeans" and cute dog on it. I think I’ll use the second one for geography because of “travel& explore” and ship.

I love notebooks and copybooks which are made of brown paper ( or something like that i don't know how exactly is this material called). But I don't know which subject should I use it for. Any suggestions?

These copybooks have animals on them. Because I love animals, really. I think lion's mane looks very beautiful. And the copybook with owl is so bright and that is why I bought it.

So these are the last ones. They are absolutely different: one is very calm and has cute flowers on it. The other one is very bright and has colourful stripes. I planned to buy everything in one style but when I went to stationery shop I literally bought everything I liked. And I think I shouldn't go to the shop alone or I'm going to spend all my money on copybooks :D

I planned to use this notebook as a draft and a notebook where I can always pull out a sheet of paper. But I ordered lots of cute stickers and I'm going to stick them on cover (which is very thick) and use it for cute notes. Talking about cover, it is really thick and it can easily survive in my bag.

The next thing is pencil case. It is incredibly amazing. If you look on the photo it may look quite small but It is very spacious and I can easily put everything I need during studying in school in this pencil case.

I bought LOTS of pens this year. And let's begin with this set (can I say like this?) consisting of 8 BIC pens. I'm very pleased with it and it will be my lifesaver during the next year. I love BIC pens and I lose pens very often so this set with big amount of pens is perfect for me.

I often do mistakes in my writings and erasable ball pens are just great for people like me. I have already bought pens from Papermate and they were good but this year I want to try Pilot ones too.

I got black ball Pilot pens for notes and diary. Because everything written with using a black pen looks cooler. Seriously I really enjoy writing in my diary much more when I use black pen. Especially using these ones.

So the next thing are highlighters. Unlike other highlighters I used these are very thin and I think it is great for saving space in my pencil case.

I bought black permanent marker. I don’t even need black marker in school but I always wanted to buy it and dreams should come true.

 I use correction pen from ErichKrause for more than 3 years and it is the best I have used so far. It dries fast, the colour is good and it is comfortable to use.

And these are tapes I bought. One is like highlighter and I can’t wait to use it.

 I like these pencils Modeluz from Koh-i-Noor soooooo much. I used them from my childhood because they are soft, bright and just PERFECT.  Also I bought pencil sharpener from Maped and erasers from Koh-i-Noor.

And the last one are rulers, I bought three rulers right now because I break them the way too fast.

Sooooooooooo, I hope you enjoyed my blogpost dedicated to stationery. Buying stationery makes me feel more relaxed before school. Sorry for not blogging for two weeks. I wanted to spend more days out with my family and friends but yeah, new school year begins and i'm going to upload post more often, promise :)

I am OK 

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