Zoella Beauty mists: my review and how to buy them if you don't live in the UK


Hello everybody! My first school weeks finished and Im already tired. Too much lessons, too much homework, too much EVERYTHING. That is why I’m  happy that I finally have an opportunity to write in my blog because I really like it :)

Once I made a whole blogpost dedicated to my Zoella Beauty haul ( click HERE  to read it) and wrote there, that I was planning to order body mists. I have finally done it and I’m extremely happy. And now I’m going to make a review and tell you how I ordered them, because I don’t live in the UK and Zoella Beauty is not available to buy in shops in my country. It was a little bit complicated to get them, but finally I find a way and it is super easy :)

And by the way, the week when I uploaded my last post about Zoella Beauty coincided with the week of the announcement of Sweet Inspirations collection. This post coincided with the week when Zoella Beauty Christmas range ( no matter that it is September) and Zoella Lifestyle ( this is so exciting omg) are available to buy! It is really cool that Zoe has an opportunity to create such amazing things, I’m very happy for her ♥

But now I’m going to tell you how to buy some Zoella Beauty things from previous ranges if you don’t live in the UK. But maybe you would be able to buy Christmas range this way too. And if this post will be helpful for somebody, it would mean a lot to me.

Soooooo, let's starttttttt 

If you were interested in buying something from Zoella, you might hear that it is sold in Superdrug and FeelUnique. But Superdrug doesn’t have worldwide ( and even just to European countries) delivery. And FeelUnique is running to help us solve this problem. It has worldwide delivery which is free from 60 pounds( at least delivery to Russia). Besides that it was 20 pounds when I first ordered from there, if you are a big spender it will be easy for you to get free delivery because OMG FEELUNIQUE HAS SOOOOO MANY COOL BRANDS including Zoella Beauty ( cause this post is dedicated to it). Or if you are not such a big spender (like me) you can order something from there with your friend or with sister ( and that is what I’m planning to do).
The only problem is that you can’t get Zoella Beauty body mists from this shop to another country because of some rules of delivery.

Buuuuut I found the way how to get these body mists :)

You can buy Zoella Beauty mists ( like Blissful Mistful, Let’s Spritz and Sweet Inspirations) on Cloud10Beauty without any problem. It has free delivery from 40 euro ( again it was from 20 euro them I first made an order there, which is a little bit sad).
The only thing which I can compare only about Tanya Burr’s range is that new collections appear on cloud10beauty later than on FeelUnique for example. Her “Soft Luxe” range is still not available there ( BUT I REALLY WANT TO TRY MARTHA MOO :c)  I hope that this problem won’t be the same with Zoella Beauty Christmas range.

What can I say about body mists themselves?

Zoella Beauty Let's Spritz

In my other Zoella Beauty post, I have written that I’m in love with the smell of scrub. It was from Tutti Fruity range like this body mist. And can you guess my reaction when I first opened Let’s Spritz and found out that it has the same scent!

I used this body mist during the whole summer and I LOVE LET’S SPRITZ SO MUCH

It is very important for me if the scent is strong or not, because I’m not a big fan of perfumes with strong scent. The scent of Let’s Spritz is calm so I can wear it without feeling uncomfortable. My family and friends enjoyed the smell too by the way. It has very fresh summer( in my opinion) scent.

How exactly does it smell? This fresh fruity scent has notes of raspberry, blueberry and maybe blackberry. It is really very fresh scent

This is the most perfect scent ( for me) that I could ever smell. That is why I definitely recommend you to buy Let's Spritz.

Zoella Beauty Sweet Inspirations

Ordering body mists, perfumes and other similar things not smelling the scent before is a lottery. Which I won this time. I have read lots of reviews on them and decided to buy them. Of course I was a little bit nervous like " what if I don't enjoy the scent". These thoughts were useless because I really like the scent of Sweet Inspirations

I think I’ll use this body mists during Autumn because the smell of macaroons, vanilla and cacao are associated with Autumn in my head.

Talking about the smell, as I said in previous paragraph, Sweet Inspirations smells like sweet macaroons ( and that means almond too) vanilla, cacao and honey. But as for me, I think this scent is similar to marshmallows ( and I really love marshmallows to be honest ♥)

As the scent of Let's Spritz, Sweet Inspirations has a very calm, not strong scent, which pleasantly sweet, not cloyingly.

I love the design of the whole Sweet Inspirations range. Everything looks super cute with these calm, light, pastel colours which will impress everybody in my opinion :)

So, if you like sweet scents, you would 100% enjoy this body mist. I I don't like every sweet scent of different perfumes , but Zoella Beauty Sweet Inspirations scent has made me fell in love with them. I use it a lot nowadays and literally LOVE this body mist.

I hope you enjoyed this blogpost. Let me know in the comments if I helped you to get them or if know how to get them and already bought  them your opinion on these two body mists. I would be very happy Also tell what do you want to get from new Zoe’s new Christmas range. I think I would get crackers, they are too cute and contain lip balm and hand cream.

Every time when I should describe the scent I’m a little bit upset that modern technologies are not able to give us opportunity to feel the scent through computer or phone. I think it would be easier to buy perfumes online :) But now we can only read reviews, order perfumes and body mists and write reviews ourselves, which is very interesting :D

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And now I’m going to write posts more often, because I think I finally know my timetable so I'm going to organize my plan during day better. 

Thanks for reading x
I am OK

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  1. These looks so pretty I still haven't got the change to purchase these products and try them. Pixie www.pixieox.co

    1. They are really pretty :) You should definitely try to purchase them one day♥

  2. I've heard so many people rave about these products! I also think modern technology should develop a sent through your computer... common guys! Great post and review though lovely. X

  3. I am not much of a Zoella fan but these products are so cute! I love them bottles! x

  4. Oh I love let's spritz! Zoella does have some good packaging for her spritzes as they don't look out of place next to my perfumes. Glad you found an easy way to get the collection in Russia!

    Lisa | fairlyrosy.com

  5. I'm not really into body mists, but the packaging of these is adorable !
    I've never tried Zoella's brand, so many things to discover!

    Laura | http://furiouslychic.blogspot.ch/

  6. Sweet Inspirations sounds like the perfect scent for this time of year x


  7. I love Zoella, but buying things from other countries is never my cup of tee. $60 is a lot of money when it comes to South Africa.The packing though, so cute

    1. I really wish it would be available to buy her ranges in ordinary shops in our countries

  8. I love Zoella, but buying things from other countries is never my cup of tee. $60 is a lot of money when it comes to South Africa.The packing though, so cute