DIY: How to make your own lip balm 💗


Heyyooooo everybody😊 Guess who found emojis in "blogger"? Meeeee😃 Let's be honest, I was waiting for it. But anyway the blogpost is not about it.

It's getting much colder and my lips become weather-beaten very fast. And very popular matte lipsticks are making lips super dry. What will save us from exfoliation and the impact of frost? Lip balm. What is better than a lip balm? Your own hand-made lip balm! It's very easy to do and holidays are coming (coca-cola christmas advert song is now in my head, great :D) and a handmade lip balm can be a great part of your present for friends and family. Because hand-made cosmetics are always great.
So let's start 💜

What would you need:
(as 1 part you can choose 1g, 1 teaspoon or any measure that you want, i use 2,5g as one part)

  •  4 parts of cocoa butter ( or shea butter, coconut butter, mango butter)
  • 1 part of wax ( beeswax, candelilla wax or carnauba wax)
  • 4 part of castor oil ( or mindal oil, peach oil or avocado oil)
  • you can add cosmetic glitter, your old lipstick or cocoa powder for colour if you want
  • you can also add  few drops of fragrance or essential oil for scent
  • plastic pots

So let's start making lip balm:

1.Melt beeswax in microwave or on bain marie. In my opinion it is much easier to do in microwave.

2. Add cocoa butter and melt it. Don't forget to stir it every 30 seconds.

3. When wax and cocoa butter become combined, add castor oil ( and your old lipstick for colour if you want) and melt everything for 20 seconds.

4. Add perfume or essential oil of scent and cosmentic glitter or cocoa powder and mix everything.

5. Pour this mixture into plastic pots ( which you can find in some hobby supermarkets) and leave them to become solid.

So,  as you can see, it is really very easy to do. And now you have your own hand-made lip balms which contains natural ingridients.

My sister and I use it for a few weeks and we love them. Lips are becoming more soft and this lip balm smells good so you will enjoy using it.

since my lip balm has a strawberry scent, I add little sticker on the plastic pot

I hope you enjoyed this blogpost. And if you decided to make your own lip balm after my blogpost let me know in the comments :)

Also I recently started to make my own soaps so if you want a blogpost on this theme write me here or on twitter.

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