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Hello everyone,
After a long break (again) I'm here with new blogpost. I feel so happy to finally spend my evening blogging, not preparing for numerous tests, mock exams and school in general. I have exams (similar to gcse in the UK, as far as I know) in May and June, but they already take lots of my free time  Can it be summer already, please?😂

So I thought I haven't written a blogpost about things that I enjoy right now. And since I have some of them to share with you, i decided to make this blogpost.
Most of "my favourites" blogposts include lots of beauty stuff, but I decided to write about random things. Absolutely random.  Really.

Let's start :)

Clinique superbalanced makeup foundation
I have a very sensitive skin. And it is also problem skin. And it is also combination skin. Not so impressive, as you can notice. And of course, I don't like it and I want to cover some problematic places. I have tried lots of bb creams, but I had an allergic reaction so the situation on my face became worse on places, where I put those creams on.
This foundation is really great, I don't have any reaction, it really covers spots and you really don't feel anything during using it (you know that uncomfortable feeling during using some foundation). I would definitely recommend it.

La Roche Posay cleansing foaming water
As I have mentioned, I have a combination skin. Some gels, which should clean pores make my skin suuuuuuper dry, i mean really super dry. Whereas some places are still oily.
This foaming water is perfect for my skin. It really cleans that oiliness and it doesn't make skin dry in the places, where it is usually becomes dry.

A candle from Ikea
Nothing more, nothing less. Just a candle with a scent of cinnamon and apples which makes a perfect atmosphere in my room. It is very good for its price. And it looks cute :D

A scarf "which is bigger than my blanket" (thanks my classmates for giving it that iconic description) from ZARA
My sister is a big lover of big scarves, so I decided to buy my own too and now I'm a happy owner of the warmest, the softest scarf from Zara. It is really very big. And I love its colours
Actually I don't have any photos of me with that scarf, so to show you how big it is, I decided to let my cat lie on it, because he likes it😂😂😂 My cat is very big so you can imagine the size of scarf too :D
he really likes when someone is taking photos of him😃
"Just Crackers" by Zoella Beauty
A unique set from Zoe's Christmas range: 4 "crackers", inside of each you can find a lip balm, hand cream, body cream or shower gel. Everything is in small package AND SMELLS LIKE A SWEET GINGERBREAD. So perfect for winter :)
I have already done two reviews on Zoella Beauty (this one and this one) and all I can say is that this range is very good too, I'm proud of Zoe.

A game for Xbox One "Life is Strange"
I have an xbox. And I'm always searching for interesting games for it. AND "LIFE IS STRANGE" IS SUCH A COOL GAME. The whole meaning of this game, not the plot, is that the whole game depends on decision of the main character aka you. And you can also rewind time. I love such type of games so I was soo happy to receive it. it is also available for PC and PlayStation.
(p.s. if you have an xbox, write me some cool games in the comments)

The 4th season of SHERLOCK
The premiere of new season of Sherlock was just 1 minute late than the world premiere in the UK. There is 3 hours difference between me and the UK (ugh timezones). And now guess who had to go to school after watching the 2nd episode on Sunday ( or Monday already, to be exact) which started at 0:01 and ended at something around 1:50? Meeeeeee. And you know what? I don't regret it at all. Sherlock, especially this season is SO EMOTIONAL, INCREDIBLE, UNPREDICTABLE AND JUST SIMPLY COOL.
I have already made 5 people watch it and everyone is sooo delighted. That is why, if you somehow haven't watched it yet and you are searching for a tv series, that will blow your mind, Sherlock is what you need. Trust me, you won't regret.

Series "Skam"
I can't say that I watch series a lot. It is just happened so that January was full of good series for me. Lots of people around me watched skam and every time I was spending time on the internet I saw something about these series. Firstly I didn't want to watch it, because, as I have mentioned, I don't watch many series. But my best friend told me that I won't regret watching it. In the end, i watched almost the whole season in one day.
What was catching in Skam for me? There are no ideal characters. These series show real teens: with good and bad treats of character, with happy and sad moments. I really enjoyed these Norwegian series and I can't wait to see the 4th season :)

Imagine Dragons single "Believer"
I'm a massive fan of this band. I was on their concert last year ( and I have written about it on my blog here ) and I'm going to meet them again in July!!! ( I ORDERED TICKETS YESTERDAY AND I AM SO EXCITED) They will release new album soon and they recently released this single which I LOVE SO MUCH. Oksana the fan of Imagine Dragons is very happy now :)

So, I hope you enjoyed this blogpost. Write me in the comments what are your January favorites. Subscribe on my blog, it would be a world to me :)
Have a great February,
I am OK 

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  1. you're cat is so so cute! We have one too here, our very own little monster! The Tanya Burr palette is so amazing! xx C&K

  2. I played Life is Strange last year and it was awesome! The story really draws you in!