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Today I'm here with a new interview for my "Around the world" project! If you are on my blog for the first time, then you need to check out my first interview with Veronica from Krakow , where I asked her some questions about her city :)

I was incredibly happy when Envy who lives in Rotterdam, the Netherlands emailed me that she wants to take part in this series of interview. She has an amazing blog  and you can also follow her on Twitter and Instagram . And I would like to thank Envy for taking part in this interview♥

If you would like to take part in this project email me ( ) or write me in the comments! :)

And now let's start! 


 Where are you from and where do you live?
I'm from the Netherlands, that small European country to the left of Germany. I was born and raised in a small town about seven kilometers from Rotterdam.

 What is the best thing about living here?
I like how small my country is, so it's easy to travel and see a lot of the place. It's easy to plan daytrips to the other side of the country. Spend two hours on a train and you're already at the other side of the country.

 What are the cities that people from another country should definitely visit?
Every tourist in the history of tourism goes to Amsterdam, which is cool. But it's a bit overhyped in my opinion. I'm a Rotterdam girl, so of course I recommend Rotterdam. I'm not the only one though: many international travel magazines say it's getting more interesting by the day. 
If you want the whole canal thing, but you don't like competing with a throng of other tourists for a view of the water, you'll want to visit Utrecht, which has an amazing city centre. Maastricht is also a great place to visit, but it's way down south and far away from the main cities. Still I'd recommend visiting the city, because they have great pie and it looks pretty.

 What are the national dishes that everyone should try?
Dutch cuisine isn't all that interesting. Try Dutch pancakes, they're really nice. Apart from that we're the best at snacks. First thing you should do when you visit my country is get your hands on a stroopwafel. It's like a waffle with syrup in it. They're extra delicious when they're warm and fresh from the market. Last but not least: put some hagelslag on your bread. Hagelslag are basically tiny chocolate sprinkles which we eat on our bread for breakfast and lunch. They're truly awesome.

The best season to visit your country 
Definitely Summer, though Spring can be nice too if you don't mind the chilly days. Our Fall and Winter are cold and wet, but if you're really lucky you might get to see a Dutch winter with a little snow and a lot of ice-skating on all the ponds and canals. 

 Share some photos that you took from different parts of your country 
The first picture was taken at Kinderdijk. It's a UNESCO World Heritage site, definitely worth a visit. It's in the polder, close to where I live. A polder is a drained swamp turned into land, mostly meadows. No hills or anything, mostly grass and cows, but some evenings living in the polder is the most beautiful thing ever. You can see that in the second picture.
The third picture was taken in a forest in the middle of the country. Our forests aren't very big, but they're colorful and a nice place to spend the day. It's best to visit them in the Summer or the Fall.

Are there any events or festivals that will be interesting for tourists in your country? 
Definitely King's Day. We celebrate our King's birthday on the 27th of April. It's basically an excuse to get the entire country drunk, but that makes it more fun to see for those who aren't drunk. A lot of people dress up in orange (our national color), there are activities around town and there are music festivals in the bigger cities. Loads of tourists plan a trip to the Netherlands in April just to see it.



 Share with us some photos of your city that you took

​We don't have the best skyline, but it can be quite charming on days like these. The ferris wheel in the second picture is only there for a couple of months each year. You can see the Laurenskerk in the background. The last picture is of the Kubuswoningen, a Rotterdam icon.

 What are top 5 sightseeings that everyone must see there?

The Kubuswoningen (1) are some weirdly shaped apartments that everyone visits when they come to Rotterdam. It's close to (2) the Markthal, which is a gigantic market inside a gigantic hall. Tourists also seem to like Central Station (3), which apparently looks like the packaging of a 'kapsalon', which is a local fastfood dish that's currently making its way around the world. If you want to see something a little older, you'll have to go to the Laurenskerk (4), one of the very few buildings that survived the German bombing at the start of WW II. Last but not least I'd recommend a walk along the Maasboulevard (5), a street along the river from where you can see all the iconic bridges of Rotterdam.

What is the best place for shopping in your city?

If you want a unique shopping experience, you should go to the Koopgoot, which is like a subterreanean strip of mall. It's open though, so there's sunlight coming in and no need to feel claustrophobic. It's especially nice during Christmas season, when it's filled with Christmas trees and decorations. You'll find stores like Forever 21 and Lush there.

 Are there any interesting events or festivals in your city?

Rotterdam is one of those places where there's always something going on. We have film festivals, music festivals, concerts, everything. Sometimes there are some more obsсure things going on, like a pole vault competition in the middle of the city, or The Bushwick Collective taking over entire buildings with their graffiti. Just have a look around online and you'll defintily find an event in Rotterdam that you like! 

 Are there any places around your city that definitely worth visiting?

Take the train to Hoek van Holland and you'll be at the beach. Go to the west by subway and bus and you'll be in the polder, only one ferry away from the UNESCO site at Kinderdijk. Especially to people from bigger countries, everything is close to everything in the Netherlands. Rotterdam is a great place to start from.

What adjectives can describe your city?

Modern, fast-paced, honest (seriously, what you see is what you get around here)

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  1. I love this post, I also love Envys posts to so this is a great collaboration! Dutch pancakes sound absolutely amazing x

    1. I want to visit the Netherlands so much after this blogpost, I'm glad you enjoyed it x

  2. I have never been to Rotterdam nor Amsterdam but I'll promise, i'll consider both when going to the netherlands! sounds like a lovely country! thanks for sharing! xx Corinne

  3. Great post, interesting to see where people are from and to learn about new places! I have never been to the Netherlands, and I have never tried Dutch pancakes! They sound really good and interesting though!