My London trip diary part one: Trafalgar Square, city centre, London Eye


I think it's time to tell you about one of the most exciting and unforgetable weeks in my life. Welcome to my London trip diary, which mostly consists of photos from there.

I have been dreaming about visiting London and the UK in general for a reaaaally long time. It was on the first place in my travel wish list. And now I can proudly say that I DID IT! I WAS IN LONDON!

Before I start telling you what we have visited and sharing photos with you, here is a little preface. I have a really weird relationship with my school: actually I hate it but I study quite good. However when it was announced that my school organises a trip to another country, and it Great Britain, I was truly shook and happy that I study here :D So I started to convince my parents to go there. Six months before, my thoughts were already there. My friends and I counted days, waited for visas, discussed where we should go, what we would buy, what would take to this trip.

Nevertheless, suddenly the 26th of March has come. First day of the trip.

We were in Saint Petersburg, Russia at night, had a transfer in Amsterdam, the Netherlands ( where I bought I mug with Dutch landscapes) and finally were in London, the UK  in the afternoon. You know, as a person with a quite boring life, I was already incredibly happy that moment. Just imagine: coming to another country which is quite far away from home with awesome company, and all my thoughts were like "here it is, the beginning of one of the most exciting adventure in your life" and i didn't even care that I hadn't slept for over 35 hours that day.

We were getting to out hotel for about an hour. We looked at lots of different British landscapes.

After we have arrived to a hotel and had a small rest, we went to see the Trafalgar Square. Actually I thought it is a bit bigger than it really is, but generally I really enjoyed that small evening excursion. I saw a Big Ben that day and also we went shopping and I got some British sweets :)

On the second day we had a sightseeing tour. When we went out of the underground, we finally saw the one and the only Big Ben really close. It is soooooooooooo huge! And sooooooooooo beautiful! We went to see the Westminster Abbey and I did a few photos on our way there.

After that we went to the city centre.
First thing we saw the changing of the horse guard ( I hope I wrote a correct name for this proccess haha). This photo was taken by my friend a little bit before it.

And here is the changing of the horse guard itself.

Aaaaand after that we went to the Buckingham palace. It looks so incredible.

There is really something catching in London. It is a city with beautiful architecture, cute streets and houses. The atmosphere here is definitely great.

 We walked around 30 km that day and after visiting a city centre, we went to Trafalgar Square again to visit the National Gallery. We didn't have that much free time so I got a brochure to see where are the most famous pictures are. I saw lots of different masterpieces including creations by Van Gogh, Monet, Pissarro and many other famous artists.

Our tour was finished with a ride on the London Eye and I saw one of my most favourite cities from 135m height.

After that we had a dinner in a cafe and a little bit later we saw a beautiful sunset behind Big Ben. Perfect ending of the perfect day♥

I hope you enjoyed my diary and photos. I'm going to upload the next part of my diary where I wrote about how we went to see The Tower of London, Hampton Court and Cambridge very soon.

Have a nice summer,
I am OK

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  1. This post makes me miss London so much! Such a great city with so much to do!


  2. Sounds like so much fun! I've always wanted to see London, and especially that shot from the ferris wheel - what a view! Adore your blog, and can't wait for pt 2! x
    Abby -

    1. Thank you so much! I'll try to upload it as soon as possible 💗

  3. Gorgeous photos. I live in the UK, but quite far away from London so I don't really go very often. I wish I could go more often though!
    Aleeha xXx

    1. Thank you! I wish I was able to visit the UK more often- such an incredible place♥