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Hello everyone!
Missed me? I haven't written in my blog for the whole three months. I really missed this blogging atmosphere when you are writing blogposts and drinking tea. But here is me, Oksana, full of ideas, feeling good, motivated and being ready to bring my blog back to life.

But before I start writing my usual posts, I want to tell you what happened with me during these three months.

So my break from blogging started  with my trip to the UK ( in London, to be exact) at the end of March.

I'm writing a blogpost full of photos of London and actually where I tell you about the trip itself which is coming really soon. The only thing I want to say is that this trip really impressed me. Just imagine being on a school trip in another country really far away from your own country, living with best friends in the same hotel room, having sleepovers, and finally seeing the city, that you wanted to visit since you started learning English ( or any other language for native English speakers). What can be better? So I was in kinda an euphoria after it for a veryyyyyy long time so I couldn't concentrate my mind on studying and preparing for.....

 I have written my first important exams this year. Something similat to GCSE in the UK I guess. The feeling that they are coming and this is inevitably hitted me only in April. But I started to revise only in the middle of May. But I can't say that my revision was really that productive because I felt like revision in school was enough for me.
So my May was full of procrastination and a little bit of revision. After that I had a last bell. If you don't have it in your school life, it is kinda a celebration of last school day before the exams start. It was really a fun day, even though my mind was full of thoughts about my English exam.

So yeah, my first exam was an English exam. It was fine, excluding that I had a cough attack when I was recording my answers for speaking part of the exam. But in the end, I got only one point left until the maximum for my whole exam  and I'm really happy about it.

Next exam was my Russian exam. It is a core subject just like maths, English and Social Studies were optional and I could have chosen any other subjects.
Actually I was really nervous about it, since my mock exam wasn't really good. BUT I FLIPPING GOT 39 OUT OF 39 POINTS FOR IT. I WAS SOOOOOOO SHOOK.

After that I had my math exam. Well, i'm not into such subjects as math, physics, chemistry etc etc but I got 5 for it ( quick explanation of grade system in my country- 5 is the highest one, something like A in the UK, 2 is the lowest one)

And finally the last exam- social studies. I was afraid for this exam most of all because I didn't have a tutor and we didn't pay that much attention for revising for the exam. Actually it depended on me and my fight with procrastination and laziness. But I did lots of tests similar to the exam ones. Actually I started to read a book with lots of neccesary things that you have to know only when I have already written two other exams. The most interesting thing is that I understood how should I write some of the answers ONLY THE NIGHT BEFORE THE EXAM ( I felt like a squezzed lemon on my exam)
But, somehow, I got 38 out of 39. 

I spent half of the June waiting for results and I was really nervous even though I knew that I shouldn't. And actually I did nothing for the whole week after all exams ended. Is it how I cope with stress? Probably.

But it all ended with a prom and graduation. I got a red diploma.

And also, recently I had my birthday ( and also my mum's and two friends' birthdays before it, what the exciting two weeks) I celebrated my 16th birthday with my best friends and family and I couldn't be any happier :)

In addition, lots of different things happened in my life during these three months so yeah, that is why I haven't uploaded. Life is happening  and sometimes you can't do as much things as you want. But after a rest which I had in the first weeks of July I finally felt something I lost in March- MOTIVATION. And that is why you can finally read my new blogpost.

I really hope that I'll upload blogposts more often but yeah, this is a new era for my blog and I'm excited for it.

I hope you are having a great summer, and also you can give a read for some of my last year's summer blogposts:

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  1. Sounds like you had a great time in London but it is a great city!

  2. Congratulations on your exam results (I'm guessing Red Diploma is good right? must be given your amazing mock results 😄)! I'm still waiting for mine, so fingers crossed... It's great that you're motivated again - I took a year away from my blog before coming back, so I know how hard it is sometimes. I'm looking forward to your future posts x

    1. Awww thank you! Red diploma means that you have the highest grade in every subject. I hope you'll receive great results for your exams!

  3. Massive congrats on your exam results - the hard work definitely paid off! Also a belated happy birthday for turning the sweet sixteen! Glad you had a great one!