Stationery I use during this school year


Maybe it will be my new tradition to write a post about stationery in September. Who knows. Anyway, we all shall admit that buying cool stationery makes you understand that school is coming and those notebooks and planners will bright your boring days at least for a few weeks. I am using this stationery for about three weeks and it makes me happy on every boring lesson. So here we go- this is my stationery haul 2017.

I will begin with notebooks as I did in my previous stationery haul . I  have even more subjects this year and actually everything will be different this year.

I bought these notebooks in my local stationery shop. They remind me of some cool stationery collection from Paperchase and similar ones. THEY LOOK SO AESTHETIC. The colours on each notebook match so great and that golden pattern makes everything even better. So sad my handwriting is not that good for such notebook.

Next ones are also really cool, I buy notebooks from this brand second year in a row and I like them. Especially the one that says Catch the Wind on it, it looks kind of vintage.

Everything is easy here- pink notebook with London view for English notes, and green notebook with Berlin for German notes.  There were many other notebooks with other cities and also you can colour them, however I think it is better when they look like this.

Call me a crazy cat woman- whatever. I wanted to buy notebooks with a cat and cat paws- I bought them. Because they are cute. And I like cats. So much ♥

These notebooks have 96 sheets. I think the first one is too bright than the others but sometimes we need to bring bright colours into our life.
Thereas notebooks with feathers and flowers are suitable for my mostly pastel stationery.

The next thing is a notebook I got on AliExpress, it came to me quite fast. I think I won't use it for school but for some notes and things not to forget.

This planner is very small. It doesn't have any dates so you can start it whenever you want and finish whenever you want. It is hardback and just cute. maybe it will help me to be more organised.

I love these Bic pens a lot. As I far as you can remember in my last haul I have bought exactly the same set 6+2. And I have used every single pen from this set so I find it as my MUST HAVE during school year. As an experiment, I bought these !!!!!!!!!!!!!! maybe my handwriting is gonna be better because of them, who knows.

Gel pens are ending too fast so I bought this set by ErichKrause for the first semester.

A set with the most amazing pencils ever. From ErichKrause as well. The main thing that I love- THEY HAVE A NORMAL ERASER AT THE END OF IT. UNBELIEVEABLE.

I buy this set for geometry from Maped since my primary school. They are small and perfect for any pencil case. Plus you can write on your ruler ( perfect to write some formulas on physics or math tests)
And also I got some big and good erasers.

And the last thing is the cutest pencil case I have ever seen. Look at those flamingos though!

So I think I will end my stationery haul right now :) I hope you have enjoyed and if you did, write me back in the comments with your most favourite item.

And I'm wishing you all the best,
I am OK

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  1. I absoutely adore this! I am a massive stationery addict so I appreciate them all. Your notebooks are all soo gorgeous would definitely love to have these in my collection! I swear you can never have too many? Right.

    Gemma |

  2. I looove all the notebooks! They're literally all so adorable, I'd deffo snap that pencil case right up too! I'm such a stationery hoarder, always want more!
    Alice Xx

  3. Such cute pieces !! Especially the notebooks. Good luck in school :)

  4. I used to love this time of the year when uni was just around the corner and I had to go and buy a load of stationary. I would stock up on colourful pens and markers, notebooks and things like that. I would then use it for a month colour coding everything and taking detailed notes but somewhere in November I always gave up and started scribbling my notes in one notebook haha great products!

    Julia xx

  5. Girl this post made me so incredibly happy! I love stationary so much and peaking at others collections is my favorite thing!


  6. I love all of these! Especially the second notebook with grey and pink on it and the "Always Happy" one :)x

    Anu | Based On blog | Bloglovin

  7. Shopping for stationary was always my favorite part when it came to school! It seems like you got some really good picks here!

  8. This is a great post and I love using bic pens they're my absolute favourites! X

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿

  9. The first notebooks are so pretty! I recently bought some pastel highlighters for this year and they are my favourite :) x

    Lily | Covet Luxe

  10. Wow those notebooks are so pretty 😍 I love the variety xx