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Heyooooooooo everyone,

After feeling not that great (january-february blues anyone??), I can happily say that I'm back, woohoo! Let's hope I'll return back to normal upload shedule or at least won't disappear for a month after one post.
Anyway, we are here to look at some gorgeous Lisa Blur lipsticks ,which were kindly sent to me for a review.
Before I start my review I'd like you to check out their website because it has so many makeup goodies for any taste, but I personally recommend check out their lipstick range because it's SO HUGE!

Since I could choose shades for lipsticks myself, I decided to go with these two beauties: Taupe satin lipstick and Cover Shoot glossy lipstick

Taupe Satin lipstick
Firstly, I'd like to begin with a colour. In real life it looks exactly that brown-ish as in the photo but on your lips it looks a bit darker, than you expect. Getting lipsticks online can be quite a lottery but I'm a huge fan of brown lipsticks so I'm still really enjoying it. I don't wear dark shades of lipsticks but this one seems like a perfect opportunity to begin because it looks incredibly nice.
I can't say it is that creamy when you apply it but it doesn't make your lipsticks dry due to containing vitamin E.
 The pigmentation is sooooo great- the lipstick stays that colourful on your lips for a long period of time.

Lisa Blur Satin lipsticks range includes 12 shades so check it out and grab yourself your perfect shade.

Cover Shoot Hi-Gloss lipstick
I adore all things matte, so trying this gloss lipstick was kinda an experiment. The main thing for me which automatically made me fall in love with it is that this glossy lipstick is not sticky. It is more like a lipstick which gives you a bit of shiny lips.
The formula is much more creamy that satin one, that it even feels more like wearing a lip balm, than a lipstick.
Talking about the Cover Shoot shade, I think it's definitely becoming my everyday on-the-go lipstick. It's really nude ( even though it doesn't look like this on photo), and the gloss looks very natural. The pigmentation is nice as well.

I was more than surprised how amazing it is and definitely recommend getting either Cover Shoot shade or trying any of 6 Hi-Gloss lipsticks

Taupe and Cover Shoot

So, I hope you enjoyed this review. Don't forget to check out Lisa Blur website to see more of their makeup products including eyeshadows, foundations and makeup brushes.

Until next time,
I am OK

*this post contains gifted items, however all opinions and thoughts are my own*

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13 коммент.

  1. Great review lovely! I had never heard of these lipsticks but I love the shades you picked out, and its great that they stay on your lips!

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. Loving that taupe color! I always have a special place in my heart for darker tones!

    1. I think I'll start wearing more of dark tones as well, they are really beautiful♥

  3. Welcome back! This is a great post and these lipsticks look amazing. The packaging is simple with a gorgeous colour, it's great that they're pigmented. Sticky lipsticks are definitely a bonus!

    Gemma |

    1. Thank you! The package is really nice and simple, I have forgotten to mention this haha

  4. These lipsticks look great! I feel like I haven't had anything on my lips apart from lip balm for so long but I just never had the occasion to use my lipsticks! I've never heard of that company but the products do look very nice.

    Julia xx

    1. I have recently started to love wearing lipsticks more and more. It's sometimes crazy how a single lipstick can change your whole look xx

  5. These lipsticks look lovely! I love the sound of the gloss one seeing as it isn't sticky - something I hate too! x

    Lily | The Wellbeing Edit

  6. Cover shoot looks so nice and the colour is right up my street! I love the sound of the finish of it too, I hate sticky products on the lips! Never heard of Lisa Blur either so you've introduced me to a new brand! Love the pics too.
    Alice Xx

  7. These look absolutely stunning! Both shades I think would go so lovely with a smokey eye or as a nice pop of colour with a more neutral look. I’d love to try these out! I also really love the simplistic packaging x

    Alice |

  8. These look such gorgeous shades, you capture them beautifully! I would love to give these lipsticks a try :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (I would love to follow each other on bloglovin if you like! :D)