Heyooooooo (or Hello, hey or any greeting you want)
I'm so happy that you are reading  my blog right now. And I want to tell you what "I am OK" is.

My name is Oksana, I'm a teenage girl full of dreams, plans and hobbies.

Actually, I blog about EVERYTHING. Moments from life, a little bit fashion and beauty, cooking, books, different reviews, travels and some photos, that I took. I hope that you will find something that you like in my blog. 

I was planning to start my blog for a long time and one winter day I told myself "It's time to begin blog. Right now" and this how it appeared in my life.

My blog is my own little space in huge online world and I'm happy that I have a place where I can express myself.

I really like blog's name. As I'm more lifestyle blogger, I want to share with you some happy moments, things that makes me happy or something around me that makes me feel OK. And I can honesty say that I'm ok in every blogpost.
But this is not the main reason why I named my blog like this. At the beginning of this page I told that my name is Oksana. And now look at the first two letters of my name. 

And the third reason is that my surname begins from "K" and my initials are "O.K." So the name "I am OK" has three meanings for me. 

As far as you can see, I blog on two languages- Russian and English. Why? Because Russian is my native language and I speak it every day. And English just because I want to share my blog with people all over the world and just to practice my speaking and writing skills, because I really like this language. Of course sometimes you might find some grammar mistakes, I'm sorry :) 

Also, if you speak both Russian and English ( привет вам тогда♥) you may notice that I translate some sentences not "word for word". I have no idea why actually😂 But basically the blogposts are the same, just in different language

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Really hope you enjoy "I am OK" ♥♥♥

Lots of love, hugs and marshmallows,
I am OK